A good planet only comes around so often…

It was many years ago when it dawned on me that the human relationship to the earth is much like an infestation. This does not necessarily need to be a bad thing. But, as the dominate species on this planet, it seems to me that we really need to do a better job of taking care of it.

I actually dislike the name: “InfestedWithHumans”. It seems so negative, and I am really not a negative person. And, it is not meant to be negative. It is meant to be descriptive. And… it is not meant to mean there are too many of us, although perhaps there are. The ‘Infestation’ part is about the enormous impact we have on this planet. With this enormous power, it seems we have an enormous responsibility. And it is the enormous responsibility that we need to live up to.

My hope is that through this website, I can contribute in some small way to us living up to our responsibility to take better care of our home we call Earth. It all sounds very cliché. In the end, perhaps this is really primarily for me. One human. One human who needs to feel a bit better about what I’m doing with my life.