2023 Tesla Investor Day: Software

Tesla’s Investor Day was yesterday, Wednesday 2023-03-01. As with all the special event days (AI Day, Battery Day, AI Day 2), yesterday’s Investor Day just cannot be appreciated by most people. Tesla is just looking further into the future than almost everyone understands. This morning, I quickly looked at Rob Mauer’s 28-minute “Super Cut” of … Read more

Tesla Sideview Cameras, sufficient?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Tesla’s sideview cameras and how good they are for FSD (Full Self Driving, City Streets). You can see my previous post about a possible location improvement, but that was just kinda for fun. This analysis is for real, and seems to point to a serious limitation. Can the … Read more

Tesla FSD: New camera location!

As a long-term fan of Tesla (and investor in TSLA), I have enjoyed watching the evolution of the Telsa FSD (Full Self Driving) feature. If you have read my previous posts, you know that I think that it will be a long time before Tesla or anyone else completely solves FSD. Path of FSD Progress … Read more

Edmunds and Mauer spar on Telsa Range, BOTH leave me disappointed

In February 2021, Edmunds reported the range of several EVs. Telsa was more consistantly below the EPA range estimates than other manufacturers. Tesla’s engineers called Edmunds and challenged the numbers stating primarily that they had not run the batteries to empty, but rather relied on the car’s reported range available. Edmunds then ran a new … Read more