Edmunds and Mauer spar on Telsa Range, BOTH leave me disappointed

In February 2021, Edmunds reported the range of several EVs. Telsa was more consistantly below the EPA range estimates than other manufacturers. Tesla’s engineers called Edmunds and challenged the numbers stating primarily that they had not run the batteries to empty, but rather relied on the car’s reported range available. Edmunds then ran a new … Read more

EV Charging in the US: Tesla + CCS

I recently watched the excellent YouTube video “The Electric Charging Problem” by Wendover Productions (~3M subscribers, Sam Denby). In this video, he argues that the limiting factor for the adoption of EVs in the US is NOT car price, but the available range. And, he expands this to analyzing that more charging stations would pretty … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Winter Efficiency

Jason Fenske, of Engineering Explained YouTube channel (and if you aren’t following him and watch any YouTube at all, what is wrong with you), posted Summer vs. Winter driving comparison data for his Tesla 2018 Model 3 Performance for a 2000 mile cross country drive. I love this type of real-world data and want to … Read more

Tesla: Driven by conscience?

Over Thanksgiving this year, I was asked by Transportation Evolved (excellent YouTube channel): What are you most thankful for this year in the world of cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transportation? To which I responded with 3 things: My ’17Bolt, the electric car I have been wanting and waiting to purchase for over 40 years. … Read more

How Efficient is my House?

My interests in data driven decisions and efficient housing has led me to 2 different analyses of my new house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first is doing a “Heat Load Analysis” based on actual inside and outside temperatures and actual heating data. This gives a very precise indication of how much energy is required to … Read more