Tesla: Driven by conscience?

Over Thanksgiving this year, I was asked by Transportation Evolved (excellent YouTube channel): What are you most thankful for this year in the world of cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transportation? To which I responded with 3 things: My ’17Bolt, the electric car I have been wanting and waiting to purchase for over 40 years. … Read more

How Efficient is my House?

My interests in data driven decisions and efficient housing has led me to 2 different analyses of my new house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first is doing a “Heat Load Analysis” based on actual inside and outside temperatures and actual heating data. This gives a very precise indication of how much energy is required to … Read more

Chevy Bolt EV Road Trip

Bottom Line My overnight 760-mile road trip confirms that neither my Chevy Bolt nor the CCS charging network is well suited for this journey. Very sad for me to report this, but it is what it is. On the flip side, I am super excited that this trip is even possible and that I own … Read more